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One woman's unique challenge to become the ...

"Oldest solo female to row across an ocean"

Guinness World Record attempt to cross the Atlantic from Gran Canaria to Barbados - starting Jan 2024

... and "First solo female
to row around GB"

In 2025 I will embark on a solo journey around the coast of Great Britain

Part 1 - January 2024
Row across Atlantic -
Gran Canaria to Barbados

The first part of this challenge is to set a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORD and become the OLDEST SOLO FEMALE on the planet to row across an ocean.  Starting in January 2024, this is a 3000 mile row, solo and unsupported from Gran Canaria to Barbados

Is this a Totally OARdacious goal for a Granny?  
There is everything to row for! 

But scroll down for more details on the 2nd challenge...

WM Gran Canaria Barbados.png

Part 2 - 2025
Row around Great Britain

In 2025, I will be rowing SOLO around the coast of Great Britain, a feat NOT YET achieved by ANY solo female.  Indeed, this has only ever been achieved by one man, Andy Hodgson who 'did it first' in 2018 taking 175 days and 2 hrs. 

With an additional WORLD RECORD on the cards, there is everything to row for, to prove to the world that adventure is 'vital' for our mental fitness and ANYTHING really IS POSSIBLE, at any age. 
These are challenges set in mother natures most testing environments and completing this journey unsupported and solo, will be a physical and mental endeavour like no other.
This row will definitively answer the question - which is the tougher  - rowing across the Atlantic or rowing around Great Britain?

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